Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Cleaning Rotation....a.k.a. Cleaning Schedule

I remember the moment I knew I was having a daughter.  I was in the car, heard a song about having a little girl, and burst into tears.  I just knew that the tiny baby who had not yet been identified was a girl.  She was confirmed via ultrasound a few months later.

My first thought was about all that I would get to teach her!  I was excited to teach her how to be a godly wife, how to prepare good meals for her family, and how to keep a clean home.  I was ecstatic about teaching her everything I knew about being a homemaker!  

My very next thought?  

How am I going to teach her those things??  I have NO idea how to do them myself!

That's right...I knew nothing.  I had been at home for a year with our oldest son by that point, but had no idea how to manage my time well or how to be "busy at home".  I didn't know how to cook much more than burgers and macaroni-and-cheese...unless you count those amazing meals in a box with directions on the back!  I didn't know how to keep a clean house.

I admit, cooking still isn't my strongest skill, 
but we do not eat something from a box all week anymore!

After my daughter was born, I spent a full year reading blogs about homemaking.  At one point, I was receiving over seventy (70!!!) emails of blog posts daily.  Whew.  My inbox was so full that I never read any of them.

After purging to my top ten favorites, I began to read and learn from them.  I spent a few years trying, failing, and trying again to figure out what works best for me So, today I want to share with you my basic house cleaning rotation.

(I say "rotation" instead of "schedule" because if I say "schedule", I seem to balk at following it.  But "rotation" sounds like something you want to keep moving!

Every room and area of our home is to be cleaned once every two weeks.  In this season of life, I do not feel that there is a need to deep clean each room every single week.  It wears us out unnecessarily, and most of the rooms in our home do not get THAT dirty every week.

                         Weeks 1 & 3:                         Weeks 2 & 4:

Sunday:            Master bedroom                     Kids bedroom 1

Monday:         Front yard & Porch               Back yard & Deck

Tuesday:          Master Bathroom                     Hall bathroom

Wednesday:    Living room & Foyer         Kitchen & Eating area

Thursday:          Kids bedroom 2                        Basement

Friday:                 School room                          Home office 

Saturday:                        NO cleaning!  Rest up!  

So there you have it!  Now you know what I'm doing at MY house each day!  Want to follow along?  Tell me how it works for you!  And keep following my posts to see how I keep up with my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning needed in a printable form! 

I'd LOVE to hear your cleaning schedule if you have one!  Comment below!  


  1. This looks like a great plan. It is difficult to get to everything every week.

    Amy Jo

    1. Thanks for your comment, Amy Jo! Yes--there is no need to wear ourselves out! We do need to manage well, but that doesn't mean spotless! Especially with little ones at home! :) --Melissa

  2. It all started with clearing out some of my clothes to give away... When I was overwhelmed with the mess that was my closet. I started making a pile.. which somehow morphed into a full-fledge organization manic-episode. Vacuum Expert


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