Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Things First

As I spent time working on a post today about my home cleaning routine, I prayed and asked God what I should have asked Him to begin with:  "Lord, what do YOU want me to write today?" He had a different idea than I. 

He wants me to begin this journey with you reminding you that He loves you!  How  much does He love you?  Enough to send His Son to die for you! 

Without understanding of His kind of love, we can talk about what God wants for us as women, wives, mothers, and homemakers...but then it may sound like a list of rules to check off.  It will turn out to be a life full of "do this" and "don't do that", yet free of joy.  Instead we want to live a life of surrender to Him that is full of peace and joy!

God's covenant with us is not one based on rules.  It is based on love.  

"We love Him because He first loved us!"  (1 John 4:19)

Because of His love for us, we love Him.  Because we love Him, we honor Him.  Because we honor Him as our Lord, we share His heart on all matters of life.  And, finally, because we share His heart on all matters of life, we are obedient to His will. 

As we journey through topics of Biblical womanhood, we may learn about God's desire for us to do things that we are not currently doing.  There may be things we are doing that we need to stop doing.  But mostly, we need to let the love of God infiltrate our hearts.  When that happens--when we truly set our hearts on Him and on heaven--THEN we can be doers of His word with the right "heartitude"!

Heartitude = the attitude of one's heart 

Dear readers, I am truly interested in where you are in your personal walk with our Savior!  If you want to share with me today, please comment below or contact me via email using the link! 


  1. I was saved last year after I had filed for divorce and so I dropped my civil suit, shared my joy with my hubby and here I am reading you and gratefully reminded of how good the Lord is! Praying for you to continue to be sensitive to His leading :)

    1. What a beautiful testimony, Ruth! Thank you for sharing that with me! He is good--all the time!


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