Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails" - REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

Wow, wow, wow!

I have had the privilege of reading a book to share with you today that is now a MUST on my book recommendations list.  No, it's not about marriage, motherhood, or biblical womanhood.  But it is about an important topic that I bet many of you will relate to.

Perhaps you were in or near New Orleans, Louisiana, when Katrina made landfall and then the levy broke.  Perhaps you were even in Napa, California, just this week when the earthquake hit.  Or maybe you've never been part of a natural disaster, but want to be prepared if one occurs in your area.

I'm not prone to "doomsday" talk, but it sure does make me feel better to have a medicine kit stocked with oils made from natural (read: God-made) plants.

Did you know that herbs and oils used to be "traditional" medicine?  And then man decided to see if we could find a better way to treat illnesses and symptoms, thus "modern" medicine was born.  These days, if you say you use essential oils or herbs to treat something, you are considered a user of "alternative" medicine.  But really, these "medicines" are the original, not the alternative!

Today, I simply want to tell you that if you are using or considering using essential oils, THIS book is the book to have in your kit!

Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails, by Dr. Scott Johnson, is full of so much information about how essential oils are made, and then a reference section for looking up ailments and symptoms so you know just what oil to grab from your bag and exactly how and where to apply it.

Treating our family at home with essential oils has saved us so much money on copays and over-the-counter medicines!  We use oils from Young Living.  They are the first (only) kind of oils we have tried, and they have always worked better than we have expected!

And now.....for a giveaway!  Want your own copy of Dr. Scott's book?  Now's your chance!

All you have to do is LIKE Dr. Scott A. Johnson on Facebook HERE and then comment below!  Tell me what is your favorite essential oil.  Or, if you haven't used EOs before, tell me what you'd love to try to treat with essential oils!

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**This post contains affiliate links as well as a "paid" review.  My opinions are honest, and on a product I have been given to use in my own home, and the affiliate link provided helps pay for this website and blesses our family!  Thank you!**

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lilla Rose Giveaway from Jasmine!

Tired of your old plastic claw? Have beautiful hair in seconds with the elegant Flexi-Clip

Lilla Rose provides beautiful, functional, and unique hair jewelry (flexi-clip, hair sticks, o-rings, hairbands, bobby pins) as well as hair eyeglass holders, badge holders, necklaces and earrings.

The Flexi is very strong, flexible, and comfortable. It will also work in all types of hair, and stay put! You can do your hair in seconds, and be ready for the day. It also comes in many elegant styles and seven sizes. There are instructional videos on the website that show how to do eight beautiful styles, and explain what size is right for your hair. 

The following are samples of some of my favorite Flexi-clips:

Ready for some fun?

Jasmine and Lilla Rose are giving away one Flexi-Clip worth up to $15.00 to three individual ladies. 

All you have to do is enter the giveaway options below. It's that simple.

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