Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Make Disciples of all Nations from Home

The Lord has given us all the Great Commission:

"And he said to them, 'Go into all the world and proclaim 
the gospel to the whole creation.'"  (Mark 16:15)

He also says,  

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations".  (Matthew 28:19)

This leads many to get on a plane and head to another country to serve, love, and teach about Jesus.  What an excellent way to serve the Lord and fulfill this great commission!

But did you know you can reach an unreached people group right there in the comfort of your own home?  

You can!!

Our own children are a nation that needs to be taught and discipled!  

God made a promise to Abraham:

"I have made you a father of many nations."  (Genesis 17:5)

Specifically, Abraham was given two sons, and through those two sons came so many descendants--too many to count! 

We have been made mothers of many nations if we have a child! 

We do not have to cross oceans or travel miles to fulfill the great commission.

Our children are an unreached people group until we reach them for Christ.  Reach them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Giving Credit to the Adversary

I received a voicemail from a friend years ago that I will never forget.

She and her husband were in their car, when they rear-ended the vehicle in front of them.  Here's what the voicemail said as he left the message, and her voice was overheard beside him:

Him:  Yeah, um, just calling to let you know that we had a little trouble on the road.

Her:  We crashed!

Him:  We just had a fender-bender. 

Her:  We hit a "Beamer"!

Him:  No big deal...

Her:  It kinda is!

Him:  It's's spiritual warfare.

Her:  Bad things happen for two reasons, Satan and stupidity.  Don't blame Satan for your own stupidity!

Before you think that is the way I'm encouraging wives to talk to their husbands, please know that they were absolutely joking with each other as they left that funny voicemail.  There was nothing at all serious about it....except the fact that they DID hit a BMW!

The point of sharing this with you is to say that sometimes things DO happen that are not really the doing of our adversary, Satan.  We can read all about what he is capable of doing, with the Lord's permission, in the book of Job, but sometimes it is not an attack from him.

If we have an accident going down the highway at excessive speeds, or while trying to text on our cell phone, that isn't Satan's mistake, it is our own.  It is a natural consequence.

If we eat foods that are known carcinogens, we cannot blame Satan for a diagnosis of cancer.

Right now, I'm dealing with some really bad tooth pain.  Someone called it a "spiritual attack".  Well, it's not.  It's the natural consequence of eating too many sugary foods in my 35 years and not always maintaining good oral health with regular checkups at the dentist and better oral care habits at home.  Had I been sure to do those things, I wouldn't be dealing with these issues now.  They are not from Satan.  They are a result of my own bad habits over many years.

Let's stop giving Satan credit for all the things that don't go as we want them to go.  Bad things do happen because of Satan.  But, sometimes, it isn't an attack, but simply a consequence of choices previously made.