Thursday, March 05, 2015

Will I Vote for God or Freedom?: My Answer to This Tough Question

There are so many issues in this world on which we can give an opinion.  My pastor preached this Sunday and said, "People need to stop having an opinion on the things for which God has a standard!"  I tend to speak up on the standards rather than giving my opinions.

Today a friend asked me a question, and I thought it would be a good one to share here to get your thoughts as well.  Her question was after a conversation about my view of choice regarding vaccinations for our children. 

She asked me, "Do you also have the same pro-choice view 
on other topics such as abortion or gay marriage?" 

TOUGH question to answer, no doubt.

And here is my reply:

On ALL issues, it is a difficult vote--and they want it to be. The lines used to 
be morally and politically aligned. Freedom meant responsibility--and that 
responsibility was to God and freedom. My kids and I are studying American 
history and the Mayflower Compact was for that very alignment. I'm NOT for 
abortion at all--because that is one choice that takes the choice from another life. 
There's a double standard on that issue also--because if someone hits a pregnant 
woman and she and her baby both die, that person will be charged TWICE with 
vehicular homicide, but if the mother chooses to take the baby's life, it is okay. 
DOUBLE STANDARD. One freedom may not impose on another's freedom. 
Regarding marriage--I fear for our nation for allowing it--because God destroyed 
the nations who allowed it. Literally destroyed them (Sodom and Gomorrah). 
Unfortunately, we have to vote for either God or America. I'll vote for God over 
America every time. I'll answer to Him. Does that mean I am for freedom in one 
 instance and not another? No--I'm for freedom all around--but when abortion kills 
another human, it isn't a right to be considered. And when one person's sexuality and 
marriage means they take away the rights of another person to exercise their morals, 
then we have to vote against that freedom. It's tough, no doubt. But both of those 
tickets want us to vote for one right, and then take away another's right to disagree 
with their choice. DOUBLE STANDARD.

There.  I shared my thoughts, now it's your turn!  What would you say to answer that question?  Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Upholding a Standard

Ladies, I am working out some technical kinks in getting videos to you, and that has prevented me from having time to type out all that I say for now.  Please click on the video to hear what I share today!  It is an important message!

Thank you for watching!  Tell me what you think in the comments!