Monday, February 08, 2016

Get Back to the "Very Good"

God made light, sky and sea, and all the plants and animals that fill the earth.

And it was good.

Then it wasn't...because there was no suitable companion for man (Adam).

So God created Eve.

Out of Adam's ribs she came...and then all of God's creation was very good!

But we are back to a one-gender world again.

They tell us gals anything he can do, we can do better.
They tell us that we are equal, and that it means we should do what men do.
They tell us to walk, talk, dress, cut our hair, work, and men do.
They tell us we are strong like a man.
They tell us to speak up and speak out like a man.
They tell us we have a right. The right to be a man.

And it is NOT very good.

We were created in His image. But not in the same image as Adam.

We bring beauty to the garden where it did not yet exist.
We bring forth life! It was not possible without us!
We nurture and we love, both our men and our babies.
We help, because without our help, the grand purpose cannot be fulfilled.

We are not here to do what man does, but to do that which he can not do on his own.

Different mold.
Different purpose.

Denying the intended role and purpose given us by our Creator is to deny the Creator as God of our lives.

Let's embrace that role. Let's find value in His purpose for us!

Let's get back to the very good.

Because He says we are.


  1. Thank you. I was drafting my own post about women, the workforce, etc and I see it both ways. Part of my draft was soooo close to what you just said that do you mind if I post it in?

    Women today think they have everything.

    We can have the same careers as a man.
    We can vote like a man.
    We can run for president like a man.
    We can wear pants like a man.
    We can fight in war like a man.

    I was reading a post that said we are so desperate to be like men that we kill our family. It said:

    Women today feel liberated because they have everything laid out for them to take the role of a man. Abortion means killing not strangers but our own children, our own flesh and blood. We had somehow bought the idea that abortion was necessary if women were going to rise in their professions and compete in the marketplace with men. But how had we come to agree that we will sacrifice our children, as the price of getting ahead? When does a man ever have to choose between his career and the life of his child?

    Link to that:

    Ugh. It gets in my nerves.Feminists, I say, are masculinists... and I find it utterly gross.

    Why can't a woman be a woman?
    If I choose not to peruse a STEM field am I really less important?
    If I wear a skirt, am I really not as professional? Or knowledgable? Or respectable?
    If I choose to step out of the role of a man (because newsflash, I am a woman!) why am I such a criminal?

    I really do think that women can be awesome and amazing and, whats the word, contributive to society without having to be so masculine.

    Because I believe that women are equal to men but not *the same* as men. We are not interchangeable!!!

    1. Yes! So much for being liberated just to be forced to be a man! I prefer being the woman God created me to be!

  2. Thank you so much for writing this post. It is so true and so sad that it is true. May we learn to truly be thankful to be women and also learn to be feminine women.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this post. It is so true, but so sad that it is true. May we learn to be thankful that we are women, and learn to be truly feminine women.

  4. Hope you continue writing here regularly.

    God bless,



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