Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life Update

I have written so few blog posts lately.  Shared so little about life here.  Well, I've decided it is time to share more. 

I have been jokingly saying that we should erase July 2016 from the record-books.  But then that would erase August and even today...because what took place in July has led us to today. July 2016, nearly all of my world was rocked.  First, my neighbor and best friend, Emily, moved.  She isn't super far away now, but she is not across the street anymore.  The week after her move, our youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 was my mom's birthday.  And the week after his diagnosis, my mom was hospitalized with internal bleeding that nearly took her life (and actually DID take her life, but they revived her). 

Then, as if those changes were not enough, my husband changed jobs at the beginning of this month and also started back to school as well.  Somewhere in the middle of all of that....we started back to our homeschool year. 


That really is all I can say in response. 

I miss my friend.  I am tired from all the checking on my son all day and night.  Life is busy.  Very busy.  Packed in at every moment, just to get it all done. 

But....praise the mom is better!  My husband's new job is going great!  And I am enjoying learning a little while I overhear his online class lectures. 

We are still gaining more information regarding our son's diagnosis.  The day he was diagnosed, his blood sugar was something we just stumbled upon.  We weren't there looking for that AT ALL.  But it was very high and he was unable to be awakened that morning, and continued to fall asleep nearly the entire day.  Right now, the best we can tell, he is in the "honeymoon phase" of T1D.  Everything seems to look normal most days.  Then he will have a day of higher blood sugars.  Then they are normal again.  We can just pray, check his sugars, and stay in touch with our pediatrician, who is staying on top of all of it with us. 

I am also glad to say that our school year is going SO good.  The best start to a school year that we have EVER had.  I'll post more soon about what we are using and doing this year! 

I know this is not the Bible teaching, marriage building, or spiritually encouraging post I usually write...but I want to share more with you all.  You've been there all this time, reading what few posts I have written.  I want to open up and let you into my life a little more.  Because we are one body (in Christ), and I need you and your encouragement as much as you need mine! 

So I have to ask....any of you experience anything like this before, where all of life took a hit at once?  How did you get through it?

And anyone have a T1 out there?  I'd love to connect!

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  1. I'm praying for you and your family. I have (on a few occasions) been hit from every side. I encourage you sweet sister to stay on your knees, in the Word and keep the long look! This too will all pass, the Lord has seen you through before, He won't leave you now.

  2. My husband has diabetes, he suddenly had spiked sugar levels and couldn't see. We prayed and God took us to a wonderful doctor who told him to go home and only eat meat and green veggies. He had later retired but he saved my husband in more ways than one. His other health issues also. My husband did what he said, his counts became normal and with very limited carbs and sugar (more of a protein diet) he lost 75 lbs and has no diabetes trouble anymore.
    It's a new beautiful season, God is good.

  3. I SO get where you're coming from! I've hardly blogged for a couple of years. My dad died, my oldest son has been suffering with a traumatic brain injury (10 surgeries in two years), our church abandoned us, and we still have been homeschooling. Somehow. We've also had some psychological issues spring up because we found out two of our kids had been abused when they were little (at church). Life is really hard, but God is really good!


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