Monday, August 04, 2014

URGENT Prayer Request for Tamara!

My dear readers,

I hope you'll allow me to share a prayer request with you all, and I hope even more than you will join me in prayer for my friend.

Tamara is undergoing brain surgery tomorrow morning, and it is not your basic brain surgery (is there such a thing??).  It is risky, to say the least.

Tamara wrote this post on her blog about what she is facing, and it tore my heart out to read it.  But it also stirred up seeds of faith as well.

You see, I believe that the Lord will heal her.  

I believe that she is coming home to her family soon.

I believe more than a mustard seed.  

I also believe that the prayers of a righteous [wo]man availeth much, so I'm posting this to ask for all of you who have been made righteous by the blood of Jesus to pray.  And don't just pray; believe with me, and with Tamara and her family.

Also, if you feel so led to help her family financially, please go here and donate as the Lord leads you.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and assistance for Tamara and her family at this time.

"See ya later", Tamara!

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