Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Biblical Womanhood is spelled W-O-R-K. (Godly Glimpses Post)

Years ago, as my husband and I set out on a business venture together, our goal was to make enough money for me to be at home.  This was before children, but the plan was to bring me home and then have babies.  Lots and lots of babies.

My "dream" included me being at home in my mansion, with all my children...and a butler, maid, and a nanny.  I wanted to be home, but I wanted it to be easy.


What I want to know is this:  who in the world ever gave me the idea that being at home was going to be anything but hard work?? 

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  1. The work is hard, but the blessings are many! :-D

  2. ^Indeed. but this is a kind of hard work I'd really enjoy! It's fulfilling, it's purposeful, it's shared with your favorite people in the world and you know it pleases God.


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