Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just Live It

The Lord is stirring something up in me these days.  I keep typing up blog post after blog post to publish, and then He tells me, "Just live it."

It seems that studying the Word of God gives me plenty to teach and share, but the Lord wants me to be more than a teacher of His Word.  He wants me to be a doer of His Word.

"Just live it," He says.

The Lord doesn't want me spending all my time writing posts that tell you how to do life His way.  He wants me to do life His way, and then share it with you.  He does not want me to simply tell you what His word says.  He wants me to live out the truth, so that when I write about how His truth has been applied in my life, I can point back to Him.

I do not want you to see me here.  I want you to see Him here.  And that is what the Lord wants as well.

I am thinking long and hard about my goals for this time in my life.  Right now, I am beginning a new school year with my children.  I am taking the time to write goals for each of them and for myself as their teacher.  I have goals written down for many areas of their lives, including spiritual, physical, and academic goals.

For my own goal-setting, I am setting goals for myself as a believer, wife, mother, leader, and blogger.  

My main goal is that in all areas of my life, He will be seen.  May God get all the glory and credit, no matter what hat I am wearing at that time!

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