Tuesday, June 17, 2014

That's a Wrap!

Our homeschool year has come to a close....finally!!!

This has been a wonderful and productive year with a 1st grader, kindergartner, and preschooler.  Even switching curriculum halfway through, we still managed to learn a lot and move forward in each subject we studied.  

We are now ready for a break!  For the next four weeks, we will enjoy leisurely days, lots of play outside, and extra activities that we do not typically schedule during the school week.  We hope to see lots of friends, too!

My children will attend two Vacation Bible Schools and we plan to go to the library for the special events on the calendar all month.  This will include matinees, story times, and more!

In my "down time" at home, I'll be busy planning for our new school year!  More to come on what we are actually going to be doing this year...but I can tell you it is TOTALLY different than anything we've done so far, and I am more excited than I can share (at least in this post!)! 

And since we live in Alabama, we start in July to get some school days in on the HOT days so we can take breaks on the mild weather days! 

And now...it is YOUR turn to write to ME!  Tell me in the comments about your plans for this summer!!  Do you have special events to go to?  Are your children on a break or continuing with school?  I'd love to hear!  (And I may be looking for more ideas for our summer!) 

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