Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Why Marriage is Under Attack

There is no doubt that biblical marriage is under attack.  We see it in the headlines and we see it in the church.  As with all matters, the question is, "Why?"

We know that the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10).  He seeks to do whatever he can to get us to turn from God (see the story of Job).

So why is marriage a target? 

Marriage is an earthly example of the relationship between Christ and His church.  If the enemy can alter our earthly example, or change what we believe about that covenant, then he can taint our view of the covenant we have with our Lord!  Satan knows that--and we need to know that, so we can resist the enemy with the truth. 

Here are two basic truths regarding marriage:

  1. When the Lord commands husbands to love their wives, He says "as Christ loved the church".
  2. When He commands wives to submit to our husbands, it is to be "as unto the Lord".

And here are a few basic parallels of the relationship between a husband and his wife, as well as Christ and His church:

  1. He loves me enough to lay down his life for me, and I submit to his headship.  Just like Jesus died for His church, and we set aside our selfish wants for the will of our Father. 
  2. He provides for me, and I am content with those provisions. God is our provider, and sometimes we will have plenty, and sometimes we may be in want, but we have learned to be content with both.
  3. Where I am weak, he is strong.  Yes, my husband sometimes opens jars and carries heavy things for me, but we were also made differently, to be strong in different areas.  And in my weakness (sin), Jesus covers me by having taken the cross on my behalf. 
  4. It is a covenant. It cannot be broken by anyone or anything outside of the relationship.
  5. The relationship takes effort to build and maintain.  You can't just sleep in the same bed and expect your marriage to grow--just like you can't just show up at church on Sunday and expect to "know" the Lord very well.  You have to seek each other (and seek Him) in order for those relationships to truly thrive.

What can I do?

Again, Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy marriages because when we believe lies about marriage, those lies will affect our understanding of who Jesus is to us as believers!  Protect your marriage by first protecting your mind and heart!   Know the truth about marriage by studying His Word and covering your relationship in prayer.

And tend to your marriage as often as possible!  Talk with your husband--and listen to him.  Touch him and accept his touches.  Spend time together--just the two of you--doing life together.  Commit, and stay committed.

Both your relationship with your husband and your relationship with the Lord are worth fighting for!

Tell me in the comments what you will do TODAY to build your marriage! 

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